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Circle Of Friends Are A Reflection Of Your Needs

By Fanny Gordon

Circle of friends can be your closest group of real friends. These are the people you turn to, when you need to discuss real issues like personal, news of the day or any matters that can only be discussed with real friends.

Your circle of friends, can include your partner, your work colleagues, people you grew up with and have known for a long time, or people in a support group like Parents Without Partners. These are people you are comfortable talking about anything on your mind.

Your friends are there to help you when are facing a crisis, or want some information, or even just to spend quality time with your favourite group of people.

Circle Of Friends Are The Most Important Relationships

As we go through life, we learn that friendships are perhaps some of the most important relationships that we will ever have. We love our family and our spouses, but there are times when our friends are all we have.

We also learn the hard way that our circle of friends will always be changing, and even though that is painful, that is the way that it is and has been for a very long time. Even the best of friends fade away at some point. Life is always changing, and rarely does it change at the same time for everyone.

Changing Circle Of Friends

The good news is that when you say goodbye to one circle of friends, you open the door for new ones. The friends we have in our lives often have lives that reflect our own. If you have a lot of single friends, and you marry and have children, you are going to find that your circle of friends will change to reflect that.

You may soon find out that your single friends don’t understand your new life, and that you need to find new friends that do. You don’t have to ditch your old friends, but you will find the need to find some who are living a life much like your own.

Your Closest Friends Are A Reflection Of Yourself

In many ways, your circle of friend reflects who you are. If you look at your closest friends, you can tell a lot about yourself, from who they are. They are usually in the same type of work position as you. That does not mean that they have the same job as you, but they may have positions that are similar to yours along a career path.

They usually have the same marital status as you do, and if you have children, they probably do too. Even better, this circle of friends is like you, but also, helps you grow.

Support Groups

There are other friends that you may run into as well. There is an autism support program called Circle of Friends. You may not want to think about your child having this problem, but if they do, this is one of the best things you can do for you and your child. You can find those who understand you and what you are going through, and you can all share information on the latest research and support methods.

This group actually helps children meet other children, but it can be a great network for the parents. Even though this type of circle of friends is not what you ever imagined for yourself, you may find they end up being some of the best friends you have ever had.

Circle Of Friends Online

There are also online circle of friends, where you can be part of an online community and discuss the issues concerning you. These people could be anywhere in the world, but you know they are online at a certain time and you make the effort to be there at that time, even though you may be on different time zones.

You can be in a dedicated chat room with your favourite circle of friends. Your options may include chatting, exchanging emails, sending messages via Internet Messenger, or to the mobile. For example, you may be waiting online for one of your friends to show up, and you could send a message via email and SMS to the mobile, to alert your friend you are all waiting.

You may even alert your circle of friends, you are available for a date and they may be able to match you with a blind date.

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