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Christmas Gifts For Men Should Be Practical And Useful

By Jane Mineralis

Christmas gifts for men is what keeps me awake at night. After all these years, I still do not know what to get my husband for Christmas. I want to give him a surprise gift that will make him really happy.

I do not want to give him the usual after shave and socks that everyone else will get him. Not even a bottle of wine, as I know he does not drink alcohol. I want to give him something unexpected and he will realise it was a personalised gift, something that would please him.

Every time I go to the shops, I go to the gifts section looking for Christmas gifts for men. I have now started looking in other areas of the shops, other than the gift section to get that ideal gift. I have discreetly looked to my family for advice, including my brother who is of the same age as my husband.

Positive Experiences

Family traditions are an important part of who we are. If we have had positive experiences in our families we tend to want to re–create these experiences with our children. If we have had poor experiences we want to establish something else. Usually most of these traditions are associated with holidays.

For those people that have had great holidays with their families it is hard for them to understand why holidays can be painful times for others that have not. So much emphasis is put on holiday cheer and good tidings that it is a difficult time of the year for people that are depressed or that do not have families to share the holidays with.

Great Holiday Memories

I grew up with great holiday memories; my husband did not. His father was an alcoholic that often drank too much during the family gatherings. He was a mean drunk so my husband’s memories of Christmas’ growing up include fights between his parents and embarrassment over his father’s behavior.

All of this came out during the first few years that we were married. I wanted to help my husband develop joyful memories of holidays. I wanted to do this not only with gifts but also through the decorations we did and the foods we made.

Christmas gifts for men are always more difficult for me to come up with than for women. With women there are so many accessories that can be purchased that men do not seem to use. I decided that I would call my brother and ask him to go shopping with me so I could have his help in picking out Christmas gifts for men. He has similar interests to my husband and they are the same age.

Great Day For Shopping

It was a great day to go shopping. The snow was falling in big lazy flakes and the temperature was not too cold. My brother and I each took half a day off of work so we met for lunch to plan our shopping trip.

As we were talking I realized that he had some great ideas for Christmas gifts for men. He said that unlike women, men like getting practical and useful things as gifts. I told him that I wanted to get some stocking stuffers for the stocking I had hung up for my husband by our fireplace.

Filled Stockings

Filled stockings were a favorite part of Christmas giving in our family, but my husband never experienced this. My brother suggested giving gas cards, certificates from the coffee house, and tokens from the newsstand.

I had not thought of these as Christmas gifts for men, but he said it was great to not have to use cash for these things; they were real treats for him. I enjoyed my day with my brother and I am sure my husband will love the gifts I bought him.

Now I got to think what Christmas presents I am going to buy my brother. The gifts need to be different from what I bought from my husband. So I am going to buy him a couple of wine bottles of his favourite red wine. He is a wine connoisseur and I know his favourite wines, so I will get him the wines he deserves as a thank you gift for his help.

Difficult Times

There have been difficult times during this year for my husband, where his mother was very ill, but she has fully recovered. He also left the security of a nine to five job and start his own business. He felt he needed a change in his career. To meet a new challenge. With all the difficulties of starting your own business, I can see it is becoming successful and he is getting a lot of new projects.

This Christmas, we will visit my husbands’ parents and spend Christmas day with all the family, including all the brothers and sisters, wives and children. I know his parents will be thrilled to see their grandchildren. And I will be thrilled for one of the children to present him with my Christmas gift for men.

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