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Chat Pages Dating Secret Friends Guide

Chat Pages for Online Communication With Anyone Around The World

By George Stenhouse

Chat pages are everywhere these days. They are available on news sites, shopping sites, community sites and dating websites. If you want some information, you can look up the topic on Google and see if there are chat pages discussing this topic.

You can locate a dating website and chat online with prospective dates. This way you will find out a lot about your prospective date including likes and dislikes and see if there are aspects about your prospective date that appeal to you. Down the track, you may arrange a physical date.

Just be careful how you give out information. Don’t give out your real name, email address, phone number, residential address. Some of this information may be given once you are really sure the person you are talking to, is really who they say they are.

The person with whom you are chatting online, may be a little kid and you thought you were chatting to a 24 year old sexy blond.

Once you gain experience, by chatting online over a period of time, you will be able to read the signs and tell if the person is real.

If you are on a dating website, read the terms and conditions of membership. Quite often, when you are chatting online with a prospective date, the person has already been checked out by the dating agency. But always be on the lookout for signs.

But to get to chat pages, you need to be online and on a chat channel.

Any teenager or adult can tell you that net-land is the place to be. And it’s not just about web surfing and chat pages. It’s also about banking online, shopping for less, emailing friends, and taking care of your taxes electronically.

Who can say no to all those great benefits? I sure can’t! However, I definitely don’t mean to dismiss or belittle online chat rooms. This is also an awesome benefit to web access.

Imagine all the people you could meet if you were in touch with the entire world at once. Well, now you are.

Search for Chat Pages

There was a time when I was hooked on chat pages. I continuously surfed the web for new topics and fun discussions. It was just something random to do.

I never knew who I was going to meet, and there were always all these potentially hot chicks on there. Notice the word potentially.

Don’t Accept Information Given As True

Let’s face it people, when you’re hopping on chat pages that span across the globe with participants, you never know who might be conversing on the other end. Really pretty/fancy hot pink writing doesn’t mean that the girl is gorgeous.

In reality it doesn’t mean that it’s a girl on the other end at all. Who knows who’s chatting with whom. This is the slight downfall of chat pages. The "hot24single" handle could really be more along the lines of "fat62balding".

Just some food for thought. Keep it in mind the next time you browse the chat pages. Oh, and you may want to check out the flick "Hard Candy" as well.

All in all, chat pages are not a bad thing. They have there pluses and their minuses. The cool aspect is that you can meet great people in your area to kick-it with, or possibly make connections in other countries, which can prove beneficial if you like traveling.

Just be cautious and smart when you log onto chat pages. Never give out your address or phone number. An email maybe.

But remember, these are strangers you’re chatting with. At least in the beginning.

Once you are sure you are talking to an honest person, then you may slowly give some of your information. Start with an email address. Do not give out your main email address. Get a free email address from Hotmail or GMail and ask your prospective dates to send you email to this address.

This way you do not get people harassing you on your main email address.

You will find over a period of time, the signs of dishonest people and when they are genuine.

The people that are genuine are the ones you want.

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