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Catch Your Spouse Cheating After Reading The Signs

By Joachim Strauss

There are many signs, before you catch your spouse cheating. Once you see these signs, you can carry out discrete investigations to confirm your suspicions, before you jump to any conclusions and review your options.

One sign, is when your spouse suddenly becomes more secretive about various aspects of his life. This is a sign he may be cheating. There are many signals you can look out for, including not telling you the password on his computer, to not giving details about where he was two nights ago. Hush, hush. Nudge, nudge. Wink, wink, say no more, is never an adequate answer.

Talking On The Phone And Chatting Online

Another sign, when there is a sudden increase in the time spent on the cell phone, telephone or chatting online. These are obvious signs for distractions in a relationship.

For example, you want to talk to your spouse about a matter, but they are busy with someone else. You may find it distracting and wonder who is this intruder taking up their time, when your spouse should be spending all their time with you.

So, if your husband begins to take the phone more often, then see if you can find out what are these calls about and who is making them.

Starts A New Course Or A New Hobby

If your spouse starts a new course or a new hobby, out of the blue, and it conveniently does not involve you, then it may be a sign they are cheating. New hobbies have long been a convenient cover for secret rendezvous.

One course of action, is to take an active interest, ask questions and try to find out more about the course or hobby. When the lies become more frequent and then it is easier to catch the cheating spouse.

An Intimate Sign Of Deception

This applies to men more than women. If your husband is not usually frisky on the average night, but suddenly gets more and more intimate and more often, then it is actually a sign of deception.

This is the result of what happens when he is experimenting with someone new, but does not get what he wants, or at least not as often as he wants.

The Sex Suddenly Stops

If there is plenty of sex in your marriage and then it suddenly stops, then it may be a sign that your spouse is not being faithful and may have found someone new to meet their needs.

Spending Less Time At The Family Dinner Table

If a spouse eats less food or often skips dinner and comes home late, then there may be a new love interest. They may be eating at another location and then come home not feeling hungry.

Alternatively, they want to look their best for their new lover and therefore watch their weight. They can also shift their diet to one that can promote a better sex life.

Increase Interest In Their Physical Appearance

When the spouse begins to take interest in their physical appearance, in the way you have not seen since you were dating, this is a large red warning light. This is the kind of behavior when someone becomes unfaithful. Their new lover makes a person feel sexier. In addition, they just want to look attractive to their new lover.

These are some of the more common signs when you catch your spouse cheating.

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