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Africa Camping Safaris Inside National Parks

By Julia Barnes

The continent of Africa encompasses expansive areas in almost all of its countries that are perfect for camping safaris. One reason for this is that there is quite a wide array of camping sites that are available right within many of the parks and reserves, some of which are semi-permanent "under canvas" campsites.

There are also a myriad of sites for camping that are adjacent to private establishments, like safari lodges, resorts and large hotels, which provide even more variety for those who want to make camping part of their safari travel adventure.

A camping safari is a very common choice for safari holidays partly because it tends to be less expensive than staying at the fine lodges and resorts, although there are also some luxury safari options for camping out in Africa as well.

Options Include Private Camping Safari Or Group Camping Safari

In general, travelers who review their options and are planning to take in the sights and sounds of Africa while camping have the option of either arranging for a private camping safari or a group camping safari.

Private camping safaris are arranged to accommodate groups as small as two people and for any size group that prefers to travel together but that don’t want to deal with strangers during their trip, with the exception of the safari guide and staff.

Separate Camp Facilities For Private Groups

Private groups will have separate camp facilities from any other safari group that might be touring the same vicinity and they have separate transportation as well.

Those who prefer a private camping safari will also be exclusively sharing any facilities of the campground and all of the meals are also shared amongst themselves. Guests who are on a private safari won’t be joined by any others who are on the same safari tour or who might have a similar itinerary. Throughout the trip, they travel exclusively together.

Traveling With Others On A Group Safari

The group camping safari is for individuals or small groups who feel that part of the experience of safari holidays is traveling with others and getting to know them during the adventure, so that by the end of the safari travel they no longer consider each other as strangers.

On this type of safari travel the whole group travels together in the safari vehicles and they share their meals and the entire camp facility, and in some instances will even share larger, community types of tent accommodations.

Group Camping Safari Are An Effective Way To Reduce Costs

A group camping safari is not only a good way to get to know others who share interests in adventuresome safari travels, but it is also a very effective way to reduce the cost of an African safari. This can make such a trip more affordable and feasible for people who might not otherwise be able to bear the expense of a private camping safari.

Some camping safaris take place at a permanent campground where the safari tour group will stay at a fixed "under canvas" camp. These are essentially tent "homes" that are primarily found in game reserves or at national parks.

These camps have "permanent" tented sanitary facilities and a dining hall that is shared by all campers. These kind of camping facilities are popular and can serve as a base camp for walking safaris.

Mobile Camping Safaris Are Constantly On The Move

The mobile types of camping safaris are constantly on the move and usually camp in different locations each night. All of their camping equipment and necessary supplies are carried along in the safari vehicles and this approach extends the area that the tour is able to cover.

It also allows the group the freedom to stop at areas that have caught their attention and allows much greater flexibility and potential for adventure. Regardless of which kind of camping safari trip you end up taking, you will no doubt arrive back home with indelible memories that will last forever.

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