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Building Relationships Over Long Distances

By Janine Jensenoris

Long distance loving is not easy. Instead of hanging out with your friends, perhaps you’ll be tied up on the phone for hours. Rather than enjoying a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner, you’ll be mailing your love a care package and anxiously awaiting the response.

Daily lovemaking is a dream but semi-annual trysts are the reality. It takes a lot of reaffirmation to serve as the glue holding your relationships romance together, but building relationships that transcend geographical boundaries can be extremely rewarding as long as you both have the same long-term commitment and goals.

Good Long-Distance Phone Plans And Internet Access

High-quality communication is the most important method for building relationships that transcend distance. You’ll need to make sure you both have good long-distance phone plans and internet access. Webcams and video chats via Skype are good ways to close the distance gap with technology.

It’s important to discuss how much communication time is necessary to make each partner feel connected within intimate relationships. For one person, it might be contact every few days, but for another person it may mean a daily phone call or email. Some people need just ten minutes on the phone, while others need hours.

Time Communicating Is Quality Time

Try to make a regular schedule to ensure time is made for one another. If time is scant and schedules don’t jive, then it’s critical that the time spent communicating is quality time. Many long distance lovers spend a good portion of their time saying their "I love you’s" and reiterating what they love about their mates.

Of course, problems inevitably arise when you’re dealing with long-distance communication because the modes of instant messaging, text messaging emails and webcams are so impersonal. It’s hard to gauge intention when you don’t have body language, facial expressions or tone to indicate what a person means, apart from the time you are webchatting on web cams.

Chatting Via Video Web Cam

Building relationships through love letters, sending gifts in the mail and chatting via web cam can be a meaningful way to ensure there is no room for misunderstanding. Planning trips to see one another gives those involved in long distance romance relationships something to look forward to.

There are certain elements that can reverse all the good work you’ve spent on building relationships. For instance, there is no room in long distance relationships for negativity. Being far away shouldn’t be a depressing reality to constantly reiterate and review your options.

Focus On The Positives

Instead, focus on upcoming dates, sharing life’s moments with one another and revel in the bond you’ve managed to create, despite the odds. Additionally, avoid jealousy and mistrust. The best way to kill healthy relationships is to start acting suspicious and paranoid.

It’s perfectly natural for both of you to have a social life and your partner wouldn’t carry on the relationship if he/she wasn’t serious about it, since it’s certainly not easy or convenient. Lastly, it’s important that you never try to control your partner. You need to fully trust one another if you hope to keep the relationships romance in tact.

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More Relationship Facts....

There are times in every relationship when one partner begins to question if that relationship is right for them. No, it does not mean that they do not love you or that you do not love them. It may just be an issue of communication.

It could be a fight that has been left unresolved and bitter feelings remain. The fact is that all relationships need relationship tuneups every once in a while. It is a chance to learn more about your partner and can even help ease the making up process after a fight.

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