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Bouquets Bring Joy

By Julia Barnes

In the Victorian era, the bride and groom would send bouquets to each other to convey secret meanings. Each flower meant something different, such as carnations for "love and devotion," chrysanthemums for "wealth and truth," the lily for "majesty and honor," tulips for "love and passion," daisies for "beauty," amaryllis for "pride, determination and radiant beauty" and yellow acacia for "secret love."

Today, bouquets of flowers are sent as a gesture of goodwill and thoughtfulness, but that is not all. Balloons, chocolates, teddy bears, candy and other gifts can be sent as well. Thanks to the internet and same-day delivery, a review of your options and gift giving has never been easier!

Balloon Bouquets For Your Special Friend

Balloon bouquets are a creative gift to celebrate someone’s special day, whether it is a birthday, a graduation or a new baby. A good selection can be found at , starting as low as $30 and ranging up to $86.95 (to include flowers too). Balloons can be combined with teddy bears or chocolates too.

Those looking for a really creative, customized balloon bouquet will love , where they can choose their own by theme, including Disney characters, alcoholic beverages, bugs, animals, singing balloons, sports, stars, hearts and more. For quick same-day delivery, can accommodate with a number of arrangements.

Edible Bouquets For A Delicious Surprise

Flowers have been the longstanding tradition for many special occasions, but edible bouquets are some of the most unique gifts to receive. At , a true romancer can purchase an array of adorable teddy bear cookies surrounding a central "I love you beary much" cookie to melt her heart.

For Mother’s Day, send one of the adorable chocolate chip cookie bouquets wrapped up in decorative colored plastic wrap in a pressed glass vase, with a cute teddy bear hugging the arrangement.

The kids may want to send an "All Star Dad" cookie bouquet on Father’s day. Whether it’s a nurse, a teacher, a recent graduate, a grandparent, a spouse or a boss, there are edible arrangements for every important person in one’s life.

A Wedding Bouquet

Bouquets aren’t always necessarily gifts. Often times, they’re used to bring joy to a celebration, to decorate and to add ambiance. For instance, wedding bouquets can enhance a bride’s appearance and experience. Cascading can slim a self-conscious bride, while shorter brides may want a round arrangement to make them look taller.

Cascading and hand-tied bridal bouquets can take the emphasis away from a bride’s wide hips, while a round one will balance out a petite bride. A hand-tied bouquet is popular for the natural, "fresh-from-the-garden" casual look.

Once the style is chosen, there is still color and bloom variety to contend with, so choosing one is a very personal experience.

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More Romantic Bouquet Facts....

Are there other types of flowers that I can send instead of roses for Valentine’s Day?
Yes, there are many, many types of flowers that you can send instead of roses for Valentine’s Day. A flowering orchid is a beautiful and elegant touch that any recipient is bound to love. Perhaps they have a favorite color. You can find lilies and tulips in a wide range of colors.

You may also want to consider a mixed bouquet that contains many different types of blooms. Daisies never go out of fashion and when mixed with the right greenery, it will be something that the person treasures since it is unique. If you still feel that you need to send roses, you can include one or two in the mixed bouquet.

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