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Better Relationships Keeping Marriages Together

By Jason Reed

Better relationships are a result from those who prepare to meet challenges in life together. In order for a relationship to last a long time, you need to be able to listen to each other, have the ability to give and take and listen to each other and review your options, together. You need to be soul mates. You need to be there when the other hurts. True love between soul mates helps to keep relationships together.

You may have met your sweetheart at junior college, and after a period of dating, you decided you could not spend any more time away from each other. So you decided to live together in a long lasting relationship. You may have even sealed your relationship with a wedding ceremony.

Once you are married and living in the same house, the strains on the relationship may be open, but if you spend a lot of time preparing for challenges to your relationship, then you will be in one of the few better relationships.

Examples Of True Love In Shakespeare And Movies

It’s a fact that men and women today are marrying at a later age than in past generations. Today, the average age at which women marry is 26, while men hold off until about 28. There are a number of factors that play into people’s decisions to wait. Both men and women want better relationships that will stand the test of time.

Current statistics show that among teens who marry, two out of three such early marriages end in divorce. Among all age groups in the U.S., the divorce rate is a staggering 50%. Many young people have seen their own parent’s marriages end in divorce and know first hand of some of the devastating effects divorce can have on all of the family members. Young people have good reason to delay marriage, making the process of finding Mr. Or Miss Right a careful, considered choice.

Growing Up And Gaining Experience In Relationships

One key to better relationships in marriage is giving yourself a chance to mature. Teens are still in the process of growing up, gaining experience in relationships with their peers, of both genders. Teens simply don’t have the maturity, or real time interactions with a variety of personalities and don’t have adequate skills that allow them to communicate with others in productive ways.

Teen relationships tend to be predicated on good looks and the more superficial aspects of their partner. Decisions to marry, based on superficial considerations, are typically shallow and won’t stand the test of time.

Better To Complete Your Education Before Getting Married

Young people today are also aware that a good education is necessary to a good career. Completing their education translates into a better income. When you consider that money problems are the number one reason cited in divorce, it’s wiser to complete your education before you marry.

Besides starting out in marriage with a satisfying career, you also gain more experience with a variety of personalities and are better able to refine your take on the one you might want to marry.

Learning To Understand People On A Deeper Level

Your judgments are not so impulsive. Observing your friend’s love relationships, the good and the bad, contributes to better relationships of your own. You learn to recognize characteristics of people on a deeper level.

While Joe or Mary may be the best looker around, you’re not so likely to overlook, or fail to recognize, that Joe has a reputation for cheating on all of his girlfriends, or that Mary is an insincere gold-digger.

Most Important Personal Characteristics In Your Mate

During the transition from adolescence to adulthood, you begin to build true self confidence. You have the freedom to give yourself a chance to find out what you really want in a marriage partner, as well as define your personal goals. For example, do you want to have children? At what age? What personal characteristics are most important to you in your mate?

You might date twenty losers before you can answer this question. The result of giving yourself time to mature is, undoubtedly, better relationships that are more likely to last. That teen heart throb from your high school days may seem a laughable choice by the time you’re in your mid-twenties.

Preparing For Marriage

No matter your age, all couples who marry hope that the marriage will last a lifetime. Give yourself a chance to mature, get a good education and establish what you really want for your fairy tale marriage.

Take these steps, don’t rush into marriage and you’ll find, at the very worst, you’ll have a better social life in general and a better relationship in marriage. You deserve to make your dreams come true!

Preparing For Marriage

Once you are married, you will find you have plenty of responsibilities and many challenges to face. It is better to know about these challenges and prepare for eventual outcomes than go in feet first, blindfolded.

If you have ideas in your head, like you want to graduate from college and work in business, then you should do that first, before you get married. Once you have your graduation certificate and you have stability in employment, then you know you are ready to take the next step in your life and prepare for marriage.

A Stable Life With A Steady Income

You may find your fiance, may feel more comfortable with your relationship, if she knows you are leading a stable life with a steady income. If you decide to get married, without stability in your life, then you have already started on the backfoot and it may be difficult to maintain your marriage, if you do not have a job and you are still studying for your graduation.

Some couples are engaged for a few months or a year and then get married. There are other couples that are engaged for years, before taking the final walk down the aisle. While the couple is engaged, there is a lot to find out about each other. You want to know what makes her tick, what she likes and dislikes. Is she a romantic, or does she take things for granted?

Knowing a lot about each other, always leads to better relationships.

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