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Bad Parenting And Signs Of Abuse

By Janine Jensenoris

Bad parenting can be a bit of a misnomer. Good parenting versus bad parenting can often come down to a matter of opinion. One set of parents might think that television is not the same evil that another set might.

There might be difference of opinions on organic foods as a necessity. Video games, music, movies, toys and even books come down to a matter of personal choice depending on the family involved. But there are some things that are true of bad parenting.

One such behavior is physical abuse. This is a topic of debate among officials and parenting organizations as to what classifies true abuse. Whether or not spanking is considered abuse depends on the means of physical punishment used, how hard the spanking is administered and what the reasons are behind it.

Lasting Physical Marks On The Child

The laws in most states consider the line between spanking and abuse to be one where there are lasting physical marks left on the child. This does not mean a red behind. It means deep bruising that damages the tissues.

Abuse can come in many forms. Perhaps the most psychologically damaging that bad parenting can leave is the emotional and mental abuse. Bad parenting is something that a child carries with them for the rest of their lives. A harsh word or name calling is not easily forgotten and will greatly influence the interactions the child has with other people.

Abused Children May Become Bullies

Children being abused, often lash out towards other children in the form of bullying. It is their way of equalizing the pain in their lives. Bad parenting can get worse though. Emotional, mental and physical abuses are bad but the devastation wrought by sexual abuse is tremendous.

No child, teenager, or even adult should ever be the victim of sexual abuse yet it happens daily in all parts of the world. Parenting help exists for those concerned that they are practicing bad parenting traits.

Seek Immediate Help From Counselors And Psychologists

There are a number of parenting books available but often the best course of action is to seek immediate help from counselors and psychologists, to provide a review the situation. They have the skills and means to help reverse the trend of bad parenting.

A license is required to drive an automobile or own a business yet anyone can have a child. There is something wrong with this concept. Yes, it is a natural born right to bear children but is it responsible for anyone to be able to do so?

The Best Homes May Have The Worst Forms Of Abuse

Even the supposed "good parenting" homes are often found to be the ones with the most horrible forms of abuse running rampant and unchecked due to socioeconomic facades. Far too often, humanity looks at the exterior of a parent and judges their parenting abilities from manner of dress or uncombed appearance.

A home that appears on the outside to be rife with bad parenting may in fact be one in which the parents are devoted and loving role-models.

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