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Bachelor Party To End All Parties

By Jason Reed

Bachelor party is held on the night before the wedding, the last night of freedom. Once he is married, he has to change and no more late nights with the boys as he is expected to spend more time with his new wife.

A relationship has reached a peak with a wedding. Once the wedding ceremony is completed, the new husband and wife have new responsibilities. They have to be together more often, do the shopping, prepare for a family life.

They may even face more complex responsibilities, like a mortgage on a new house. They may need to save money to pay for a deposit on a new house. If they do not earn enough income, in order to save for a reasonable house, then they may need to look for a promotion in their job, to earn a higher income, in order to be inside their dream home. With all these responsibilities, come restrictions to individual freedom, as anything the new husband does, may adversely affect his new wife.

This is why the last night of freedom is celebrated with a bachelor party.

Best Man Plans The Bachelor Party

So, you’ve been asked to be a best man and it is your responsibility to plan the bachelor party. Or, you’re the groom and you are hoping that your bachelor party goes down in history as the best ever.

The bachelor party is supposed to be last enjoyable night of being a bachelor. Guys drink as many shots and beers as possible, losing track of how many they’ve had. Some will pass out in the strangest of places and others will have half of their alcohol come right back up.

The Designated Driver

Others will assume the role of the designated driver and watch the drunken men make fools of themselves. Sometimes, there will be a stripper or two hired to make the drunken fools have even more of a memorable evening. Of course, it may not be too memorable if they’ve had too many drinks to even have a rational thought.

Perhaps that’s your idea of the perfect bachelor party. Or, perhaps your idea of a great bachelor party has nothing to do with glittery strippers and more beer than care to think about.

The Best Bachelor Party Ever

Maybe you want to throw a bachelor party that is out of the norm. Maybe you want to throw a bachelor party for a bunch of your friends and you would rather play video games all night long or engage in some intense poker games. Whatever your idea of bachelor parties happens to be, you can make it go down in history as one of the best last nights of the future groom’s bachelorhood.

Such places as Dave and Buster’s can help you throw some memorable bachelor parties. They have plenty of games and forms of entertainment that will make all the attendees quite content.

Plus, the food is great and if anyone wants to drink their night away – they can certainly indulge in some beverages. The staff at Dave and Buster’s will help to make everything run smoothly and can be sure that your bachelor parties will be memorable.

Weekend Camping In The Woods

You can plan a guys’weekend camping in the woods with hunting and fishing – all the types of bonding experiences that guys are craving. Bachelor parties don’t have to be all about drinking and watching strippers.

It should be catered and geared to what the future groom’s likes and dislikes happen to be. If he’s an outdoors type of guy, go camping for an entire weekend. If he likes to sit around, play poker and drink some beers – take him to an arcade or plan a huge poker tournament. If he’s into the casinos, plan a weekend of non-stop casino action.

Whatever your intentions happen to be, make sure that you plan your bachelor parties around the groom’s intentions, not your own. The plan is to make sure that he has a memorable evening, not to cater to every other individual that will be there.

Last Night Of Freedom

The groom may be a religious person and may find it offensive to bring a stripper to his final night of freedom. You may ask his friends what they think may be the best ideas for a bachelor party. They may know he likes to have a ride on a motorbike all around town. This could be a perfect solution, where you could hire a motorbike with a good rider and the groom can sit in the back and enjoy the ride.

After all, you want to ensure he is having fun on his last chance to enjoy his freedom. By meeting the needs of the groom, it will be a bachelor party to end all parties.

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