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Attracting Women To Yourself

By Joachim Strauss

Attracting women to your charms requires an amount of effort. Especially when you want the right women to attract to you.

The best quality women would always want a quality man. They want someone, who is clean, has good manners, is attentive and responsive and is dressed to impress.

First Step To A New Life

If you make the effort to review your options to impress and attract your woman, then you will be rewarded with a date to remember. This could be the first step to a new life, a new partner. But you always need to make the effort in attracting women.

Since the dawn of time, women have been known as the most mysterious of creatures. With emotions that are sometimes difficult to read, determining what a woman is looking for can be a hard task indeed.

This is because most women have set standards, but this doesn’t mean you can’t charm your way into her heart. They usually want from you the same thing you expect from them.

Cleanliness, good manners, an attractive appearance, geniality, and interest in her are all necessary to attracting women, and the start to a happy relationship.

Lack Of Cleanliness

Most women will rebuff a man simply because of his lack of cleanliness. Some men think nothing of body odor and poor hygiene. If you approach a woman unshaven, smelly and sweaty, chances are she won’t be inclined to fall into your arms.

If you have all-over body odor and sweat, take note: a spray deodorant can be the perfect end to a shower! This isn’t an invitation to skip under-arm deodorant.

Greasy hair or face will send her running. If you’re serious in your goal of attracting women, keep your hair and face clean.

The Mistake Of Bad Manners

Most women have and practice good manners. Men shouldn’t make the mistake of not reciprocating the favor. A rude comment or act will immediately put off a potential girlfriend.

Don’t swear, make nasty jokes, interrupt her, or develop a sudden case of flatulence. When attracting women, a little bit of manners goes a long way.

A Neat And Clean Appearance

Some men think that appearance doesn’t matter, but attracting women requires a neat and clean appearance. A horribly mismatched wardrobe might repel a few good women.

Dirty clothes get you an automatic dismissal. Clothing should reflect your personality. Just wear what you like, as long as it’s clean, neat and fits properly.

Be Polite and Friendly

When your transformation is complete, geniality and interest in her becomes the key. Be polite and friendly. Be a good conversationalist. Ask her about her interests.

What movies and music does she like? Does she enjoy her work?. Don’t grill her or do this to the point of getting too personal, or she may fear you’re a stalker.

Maintain Your New Habits

When you’re ready to hit the clubs, coffee house or beach, go for it! Remember, attracting women is like driving a car. There are a thousand different things to remember. Just keep your cool, be confident and things should go smoothly. Once you’ve attracted her, don’t just stop your newly learned behavior.

Maintain these habits geared to attracting women, and you may have a beautiful relationship on the horizon.

First Date - Best Impressions Count

on your fist date, your main aim is to make a positive impact and go the next step. You will only do this if you find her appealing. Maybe you like her manners, behaviour, appearance, good looks, smells nice, is very attentive and responsive.

If you see that she has made an effort to look good for you, and if she sees that you have also made a similar effort, then you would both appreciate the efforts made to please each other.

You should always make your best effort on the first date, to give the best impression. If you find her appealing to you, but you make no efforts to appeal to her, then you will not forgive yourself for not trying hard enough.

You only had one chance and you blew it.

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