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Anniversary Wishes As A Reward For Sharing Life Together

By Jason Reed

Anniversary wishes are an expression in words, of how much you love your wife, respect your friend and hoping the relationship continues forever.

It may be a friend you have known since high school, and you do not meet as much as when you would see each other, every day. Now you have your own families, and you have different responsibilities. But sending anniversary wishes to your friend, is a reminder that your friendship is in your thoughts.

You can give anniversary wishes to your wife, to tell her how much you value her companionship, being together for the rest of your lives. Facing together, all the challenges life has to offer.

Perfect Anniversary Wishes For A Friend

Coming up with the perfect anniversary wishes for a friend on an important wedding anniversary can be really difficult. The basic sentiments are simple. Of course you want them to enjoy long life, renewed love, and domestic bliss. Finding a way to express your anniversary wish without sounding cliché, however, can be pretty hard.

What I didn’t realize, however, was how much harder wedding anniversary wishes are when it’s your own anniversary. For friends, I can usually find an anniversary card that adequately expresses my emotions.

With my wife, however, there simply seems to be too much to say. We have spent so many years together and have been through so many good and bad things that I couldn’t find the words to say how much I loved her.

Planning Out Your Thoughts For Your Anniversary Wishes

Fortunately, I started thinking about my anniversary wishes quite a bit before our actual anniversary party. There was a lot of time, and in that time I was able to review my options and formulate my thoughts. Soon, I really knew exactly what I wanted to say to her. After that, it was only a matter of planning out the anniversary card.

That proved pretty difficult. I wanted to make a handmade anniversary gift card, but I didn’t have very good skills with crafts. If I had wanted to send my anniversary wishes by computer, it wouldn’t have been very hard. I’m pretty good with text layout stuff, but when it gets to hands-on activities I’m much less skilled.

Express Your Anniversary Wishes With Beautiful Writing

Fortunately, I did have very nice handwriting. After practicing for a few weeks, I was able to ornament my scripts in a consistent and beautiful way. I figured that, even though I’m not very good at drawing and I wasn’t sure which photos to use in the anniversary card, I can at least express my anniversary wishes with beautiful writing.

I decided to get her a picture frame as part of her anniversary present and let her put her own favorite anniversary photo on it. It saved me the difficulty of having to pick one out by myself.

Make Your Wife Happy With Your Efforts

The card turned out alright. I think what she liked most was to see how much effort I put into expressing my anniversary wishes. My wife is a sucker for positive attention. She loves it when I tell her how much she means to me. I’m glad that I put in the effort that I did. It was definitely nice to make her so happy.

Apart from placing beautiful words on a card, you can also take your wife to a beautiful restaurant, to have her favourite meal. This time she does not have to cook, the meal is made for her. Then you may give her a nice gift, lingerie is quite popular.

Escape With Your Wife To A Romantic Getaway

You can then either travel to a romantic getaway for a few days, or spend the weekend in another town. Anything to get away from the daily grind of life. It will be just the two of you. If you have children and pets, ensure they are looked after while you are away. I am sure your friends and family will be understanding on your wedding anniversary, helping you to have a break from your family.

When you come back from your romantic getaway, you will notice everything is so much calmer and you love each other so much more. Spending time together, allows you to discuss many issues and sort out any misunderstandings.

The secret, is to plan for success and all your anniversary wishes will come true.

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