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American Singles Surviving The Financial Meltdown

By Fanny Gordon

The American Singles dating website () is just one of the many relationship promoting sites owned by Spark Networks. As well as hosting the aforementioned site, the company also owns several religious and ethnic dating websites.

While the company provides dating services for Seventh Day Adventists, Mormons and Catholics, it also owns such well-known Jewish dating online sites as and . But that’s just the beginning.

On the ethnic side, Spark Networks owns sites like and . As well, moving to the social side of things, it has sites for deaf singles, military people, larger women, and so on.

Making Romantic Connections Online

Spark Networks clearly wants to play a large role in helping people make romantic connections, but at the moment things have gotten just a bit rough. The Jewish dating services appear to have been hit the hardest, with an almost 25% drop in profits by the end of the second quarter of 2009.

It makes sense that with the economy having slowed way down, people might cut back on memberships to websites that help them find dates. But the reduction in subscribers doesn’t just come from American singles, despite how hard the United States has been hit by the downturn. With these sites also running in the UK, France and Israel, it seems that the income drop has come from several places.

Revamping And Revitalizing Dating Sites

It’s possible that the large influence of a downturn in revenue from the Jewish dating sites comes from too much dependence on them by the company. In fact, one of the responses of Spark Networks to the loss of profits in the last couple of quarters was the announcement that they were going to try to reduce their dependence on just one brand.

Yet their CEO Adam Berger admits that while all the other networks showed profits, the "lion’s share" of the revenues still come from the Jewish sites. So the emphasis is still on revamping and "revitalizing" those, rather than pushing the other websites more than before.

Many More Features

Given that the Jewish singles dating sites and services play such a large role in the profitability of Spark Networks, it’s not surprising why so much attention is being paid to them. For example, for the summer of 2009, the rather clunky got a redesign and face lift, providing many more features.

If the Jewish sites can be brought under review and back to profitability, this would bode well for other dating sites, like American Singles (), Christian Mingle () and so on, since they don’t appear able to shoulder the same financial load that the Jewish websites have carried for almost a decade.

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