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Advice For Women Should Reflect Your Intuition And Common Sense

By Julia Styles

Advice for women is available online, in magazines, on television. Women are confused as they get conflicting advice. One piece of advice may say you need to please a man and say yes to everything and another advice says be as difficult as possible, it keeps the man interested.

If you are easy then you are dispensable. If you are hard, then you are interesting. But your common sense might say that if you play hard to get, then you may alienate a lot of the men out there and you will spend a lot of Saturday nights on your own.

Your intuition might say, you need to be somewhere in between, say yes to a man every now and then, but also say no, just to keep him interested. Don’t make it too easy for him, or he will get bored and move on to someone else.

This is the kind of advice you should see when looking for advice for women. Use common sense and your intuition.

Advice For Women In Magazines And Websites

Everywhere you look, you see magazines and websites that are full of advice for women. Though many love to read though these magazines like they are uncovering the deep, dark mysteries of womanhood.

The truth is that most of this information and advice is common sense. Though we already know most of what is in the page of the magazines, the self-help books, and the websites, we often block our intuition. We then turn to these sources to tell us stuff that we already know deep inside.

Take advice for women regarding men, for example. You see young women asking why someone hasn’t called her back or what she should do if her boyfriend is cheating on her.

Common Sense

Common sense says that your intuition will tell you if he’s cheating, and that should be a signal to kick him to the curb. If a guy hasn’t called back he’s playing games with you.

Move on. This advice for women is something that we already know, but it often takes someone else to point us in the right direction.

Use Your Intuition

We have been raised to believe that our intuition is nothing more than wishful thinking or a negative attitude. However, if you look deeply into the advice for women you see out there, the answers are all things we know intuitively, but we have been taught to ignore our gut feelings and to discount them.

Honestly, the best advice for women you can find comes from your own mind and your own feelings. You may feel like you already have to ask the question, but you already know the answer deep inside.

No matter what happens though, there will always be a need for advice for women. Young women in particular are trying to learn to navigate the world, and they are looking for those with experience to guide them.

There is nothing wrong with that, and I am glad they have a place to turn for help. Just make sure when you are looking for advice for women that you take your own gut feelings into consideration.

Sensing Danger

If you feel like something is dangerous, don’t wait for advice. Just get out. If you think you are being used, you probably are.

Require Medical Advice

If you think that you may need medical advice, don’t wait for someone to tell you to go see a doctor. Ask for advice, but learn to listen to your own intuition.

Your own intuition will tell you how you are feeling. If you are continually unwell, then there must a medical condition making you unwell. It is better to be diagnosed with a medical condition as quickly as possible, than to wait for the condition to worsen and more drastic measures may need to be taken. The earlier the diagnosis of a medical condition, the better the chance for recovery or at least manage the condition.

It may be the person you are dating is stressing you out and making you unwell. Well, the common sense solution to avoid stress, would be to move on to another date.

There are plenty of eligible men out there. There must be one out there who will make you happy.

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