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Adult Relationships And Mastering The Art Of Compromise

By Joachim Strauss

Adult relationships can be perfect when you understand each other and know when to give and take. The relationship can become messy when you insist, you are right and do not want to compromise.

To get along in a relationship, you will find in the long term, you will have to compromise. There may be some aspects of the relationship really appealing and a small number not so appealing. Then you may have to accept all aspects as part of the whole relationship.

Making Sense Of Relationships

Life is full of compromises and you will find that in order to sustain an adult relationship, you will both have to compromise.

Adult relationships are never easy, but they do at times make more sense than, the relationships we have when we are children. Though our relations with our parents are rocky at times, at least they make sense.

When it comes to peers, however, things can often be askew. Children often overreact and do things that we would never do as adults, but it is all in the path that we must take.

These peer relationships often help us as we grow to understand what is really important, and these are the lessons we take with us into adulthood.

Maintaining Adult Relationships

The hardest part of adult relationships is maintaining them, at least at first. As we grow, we learn that some things are forgivable and some are not.

We aren’t totally sure about these things when we begin having adult relationships, and we have to blunder and review our options, as a part of a trial and error progression that teaches us more about human behavior than perhaps, we all realize.

This trial and error period often come during and after high school, but it does leak into our relationships throughout our twenties and even thirties.

Friendships and love relationships

Adult relationships are just about friendships. This can come as part of the love relationships as well. Though some are lucky, and they sail though to true love, many of the rest of us have to endure a lot of bumps and bruises along the way, and we may see a trail of broken adult relationships behind us as we move forward.

Learning how to navigate adult relationships takes a lot of patience, and it takes a person who can see past mistakes to have true and lasting friendships and marriages.

No one is perfect

You can hold grudges over minor things if you want to have great friends because there is no one who is perfect anywhere in the world. Just as you make mistakes in your adult relationships, so does everyone else.

You have to keep this in mind when you come upon a rough patch. You just have to decide if you can get over it and move on, or if the event you are facing is just too big to forgive. If you make mistakes, you should realize everyone else could as well.

Look for a solution

You could either try to progress the adult relationship and find a solution where you can both give and take in order to bring matters to a mutual satisfaction. If there are irreconcilable differences, then the signs are that you may have to learn from your mistakes and move to another adult relationship.

This can be easier if you are not married and do not have children. If marriage and children are involved, then go to a marriage or relationships counselor and see if the counselor can help locate a solution that would bring the relationship to a mutual satisfaction.

If you are not married and do not have children, then it would be easier to move out of this relationship. You may have to admit to yourself what errors you may have made in this adult relationship to ensure the same problems do not occur in the next adult relationship.

Adult relationships are never easy. The solution is to both compromise in order to sustain the relationship.

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