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Adult Party Favors To Give Out At Your Next Party

By Janine Jensenoris

Adult party favors are quite popular these days. You can make a review to please your friends with an adult party favour bag, depending on the type of guests at the party. For example, you may include cell phones, lingerie, digital cameras and paperback books.

All you need to know, who is at this party and what would most likely please them. For example, if it’s going to be an all girls party, like a bachelorette party, then lingerie are popular as adult party favours.

Knowing Your Guests Likes And Dislikes

If you organise your own party, then you can give out your adult party favours as you know who will definitely be there and your guests’ likes and dislikes.

All you need is an adult party theme and you can customise your adult party favours according to the theme.

There are children’s parties, and then there are adult parties. The difference between the two is entertainment and theme. Along with a theme comes party favors.

Favors On A Modest Budget

Cell phones, mini cameras, miniature liqueur bottles and paper back books are all popular adult party favors at hot spot Hollywood shindigs.

These favors can be given on a modest budget, which makes the ideas that much better. Just because you’re an adult doesn’t mean you can’t have as much fun as a kid.

Adult Party Favor Bags

There are cell phones that cost just ten dollars, look fairly sleek, and can be included as the main favor in a bag of adult party favors. Paris Hilton found cell phones a favorite addition to her adult party favor bags.

Your guest will certainly always remember you, permanently embedded in their cell phone. Just enter your name and phone number into the built in phone book, and wait for the showers of thanks.

Lingerie For Bachelorette Parties

For bachelorette parties, or any other girls-only party, lingerie is the way to go. Of course, this is only appropriate in an all girls setting.

Male hosts should never give lingerie to girls as party favors. Women, on the other hand, thoroughly enjoy receiving frilly and lacy things from one another.

Miniature Bottles For Mixed Parties

For mixed parties, those miniature bottles of fine liqueurs are nice. Larger liquor stores usually carry a variety of liqueurs in these little bottles. These are usually just $2-$3 each, and add a touch of class.

You’ll also find attractive boxes filled with sample sizes of several bottles. Be sensitive to the fact this is not a good gift for someone with an alcohol dependency problem.

Paperback Books For Conservative Guests

If your guests are of a more conservative nature, paper back books can be good adult party favors. Students also appreciate this party favor.

The thoughtful opportunity this adult party favor offers is that of catering to each guest’s reading favorites, on a modest budget. Second-hand stores often have used books in great condition for 25 cents or a dollar.

A Good Time For Everyone

Men have cigar kits, women have lingerie, some have cell phones, party people have liqueurs, and the studious have books, but everyone will have a good time.

Some people now include food baskets as adult party favours. You may get an organic gourmet food basket for the discerning organic food connoisseur. Make sure you know the type of food your guests like best and then make sure all the favourites are included in the food basket.

Please Your Guests

The good thing about food baskets is that the food can be eaten immediately and shared with other guests at the party. Quite often, a bottle of wine or juice with a couple of glasses is included as part of the gourmet food basket.

The main aim is to please your guests and surprise them with your efforts in getting them custom adult party favours.

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